Ketotifen has helped a countless number of mast cell patients here in Arizona and throughout the world. There are not many options in managing mast cell disease, but we have you covered here at Synergis Compounding Pharmacy. We can have your Ketotifen prescription ready to go quickly, with free delivery.

Ketotifen is an H1 antihistamine, kind of like benadryl. However, Ketotifen also has action as a mast cell stabilizer. This makes it one of the more effective treatments for Mast cell Activation Syndrome (MCAS), especially for symptoms such as food intolerance. The usual dose is 1mg by mouth twice daily. However some may need to start at a lower dose because of the side effects. Because Ketotifen is an H1 antihistamine, drowsiness is a common side effect. This side effect is good if you are taking the dose at night, although the morning dose can be tricky. However, most patients can tolerate the morning or day time dose and some are able to take doses as high as 20mg. When all is said and done, most prescriptions are written for Ketotifen 1mg capsule.

If you live in Arizona, please contact us and ask about Ketotifen for Mast Cell Activation Syndrome (MCAS).